Subaru New Model Research

Subaru New Model Research in Southfield Michigan

Kelley Blue Book named Subaru its Most Trusted Model in 2019. In fact, they’ve earned that award for the past 5 years, and it looks like the brand is going to be earning that award for the foreseeable future in Southfield Michigan. Glassman Subaru is here to share a lot more good news about the brand with you, too. We’re the premier source for new model research about the way the brand is evolving, and we invite you to learn a few other things that this favorite brand is up to. You can see the quality showing out in all of the awards and facts about the brand that we’ll go over.

Your Source for New Model Information

So what’s the brand doing in Southfield Michigan these days? Consider for a moment that 97% of all vehicles that the brand put on the road 10 years ago are still out there rolling around in style in Southfield Michigan. The reliability of the brand continues to shine through against other models that so frequently fall short. If there’s one thing new models are known for right now, it’s the focus on reliability. The WRX and Ascent are high on the list of most wanted future vehicles in the line. What’s so great about them? Well, the Ascent remains one of the most exciting new developments in the SUV arena in a long time. We all know from new model research that the brand is going to be focusing heavily on the evolving EyeSight technology that continues to make the brand at the forefront of driver-assist technology. Using sensors and cameras, the vehicles are going to be able to make light adjustments to driving decisions that can prevent an accident, such as braking if a pedestrian is detected in the path of the vehicle.

Great Source for Subaru vs Other Industry Models

Glassman continues to be your premier source for information because we always know how to represent this brand in a way that shows you why you should choose them over another brand. How does the brand stack up against other vehicles on the road today? We feel like this favorite brand continues to be the success it is due to the many evolutions of safety that designers and engineers have focused on. Sensors on the grille of the cars and SUVs have become so good at detecting objects in front of them that you can now rely on the vehicles themselves to brake for you when you’re distracted. While it’s never advised to use a vehicle’s driver-assist features as a substitute for good old-fashioned attention, it’s a nice feeling to have a second set of eyes on the road while you drive, and when you know that the vehicle can respond, too, it creates a great deal of confidence on the part of drivers and passengers. The biggest difference in Subaru’s legacy and that of other automakers is that Subaru’s legacy is one of reliability, whereas so many other brands are simply a flash for a moment. If you want a beautiful, safe, and tech savvy vehicle, you can get one from a lot of brands, but if you want a brand that’s going to be on the road 10 years from now, you buy one of Subaru’s vehicles.

Great Information about Model Test Drives

The only thing better than learning about the brand is test driving it. We offer completely free test drives with no obligation whatsoever to buy. When you want an SUV or beautiful sedan, this is the brand to shop from. Among mainstream auto brands, Kelly Blue Book names this one as being on top in terms of brand loyalty. People who buy these cars and SUVs come back and buy them time and time again because it’s a terrific brand that puts its customers first. We know this for ourselves, as we’ve sold them over the years and got to know why our customers continue coming back to us for their favorite vehicles from this brand. It’s as simple as this: reliability, loyalty to customer needs, and innovation. No other brand does it quite like the brand we sell, and we invite anyone and everyone to come test drive one of these sedans or SUVs and see for themselves the difference it makes to drive a brand that knows what it’s doing.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about future models from Subaru’s legendary designers and engineers. We want you to experience the rush of driving Subaru’s vehicles for yourself, with us alongside to demonstrate the advanced features and technology you’ll love. Whenever you’re ready, just give us a call to schedule a full test drive of your favorite vehicle. We’ll have it all ready for you when you get here, and we’ll take you out on the road and show you the power and reliability you have to look forward to. We’re especially excited to show you how EyeSight technology works. Just call today!