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Look carefully at this car because you will get value for your money if you buy it. Also, the low mechanical height allowed by the chassis of the 2018 Subaru Outback thus lowers the car's center of gravity for the significant benefit of its overall balance. On the driving side, the vehicle is also responsive, and it has excellent handling. Therefore, its calibration is not open to criticism.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Outback's OVERVIEW

Exterior - Subaru Outback Dealership Test Drives

This Outback is a top of the line Subaru automobile, with elegant lines and windows. A pioneer of its kind in 1995, the Outback has kept attracting customers over the years. Remember, Subaru does nothing like its rivals.

This Outback is, therefore, one of those cars you will love. Its size is also not a constraint when it comes to parking, and its tight turning radius facilitates maneuvers in narrow spaces. Remember, to mark its difference with its predecessors (the first version dates from 1995) the Outback abandons its fluid lines for a more massive, more adventurous appearance.

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Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Outback's Exterior

Interior - Schedule Your 2018 Subaru Outback Test Drive

In place of the rear aerators, delivered on the top finishes, the base model receives an ersatz of pockets on the console. Remember, this car is the origin of a concept which has since been taken up with great success by the competition: Volvo and its XC70 or Audi and its A6 Allroad. Moreover, the fabrics used for the seats do not appear cheap, and the metallic grey decorations enhance the whole on board. On the front storage side, the door bins are spacious, and each can hold large bottles for drinking and driving. The Subaru Outback's dashboard also provides a modern and stylish appearance. The sound reproduction via the six loudspeakers is rather excellent, balanced and well spatialized.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Outback's Interior

Mechanical / Powertrain - Outback Information

This car also has the advantage of lowering the center of gravity and ensuring a right load balance. The new, slightly elevated four-wheel drive Outback with all-wheel drive is a straightforward attack on European leaders like the Volvo XC 70 or the Audi A4 Allroad. With its torque, it stands out through the quality of its soundproofing, and it does not hesitate.

In addition to a variable length intake system that optimizes power over the entire operating range, the car also features a mechanical valve located at the rear of the exhaust pipe. You should, therefore, take the opportunity to try this car as it is an emblematic model of the range. The automobile also benefits from a power plant that comes with a CVT transmission.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Outback's Mechanical

If the name Subaru is still widely associated with the rally world today, we often forget that the Japanese manufacturer's catalog is not limited to the Impreza. Also, you can imagine that with a four-wheel drive vehicle, wide tires and a high ground clearance, this luxury car has the potential to impress many drivers.

Its specialization in four-wheel drive models and the absence of diesel until recently have long handicapped this Japanese brand. With this new model, however, the Outback is both more sober, more lively and cheaper. Where others are only luxury SUV sedans to climb the sidewalks of beautiful neighborhoods, the Outback makes the opposite (and sensible) bet to place substance over style.

At night, the bluish ambient lighting around the front grip handles and the central glove compartment reinforces the car's luxurious appearance. Even though it's out of step with a Passat, 508, or C5: the Subaru evokes robustness. Also, the Subaru Outback H6-3.0 is, with the Porsche 911, one of the only cars available with a flat six cylinder.

The Outback, like any Subaru, knows how to flatter its driver. However, the mixed tires offer a compromise that allows him to be as comfortable on the ground as on the asphalt (showing their limits only when the soil becomes very muddy). Subaru has also taken care of the brightness and visibility on board by refining the A-pillar while the glass surface does not give in to the suffocating dictatorship of a high body.

Just like a good Japanese car, the Outback is a beast of the forest. The difference is that the damping here is also well adapted to driving on the road. Irrespective of the lengthened ratios to encourage consumption, the control is rather pleasant with no tendency to hang.

Like on the XV, I notice a rather sturdy brake pedal, which is great for stopping. The new gearbox allows the volume of the acceleration to be modulated, thus increasing the engine's power at all speed ranges.

Safety - Request a Personalized Subaru Test Drive

This Japanese car is a very powerful family automobile that can safely go off the beaten track as a result of its all-wheel drive and enhanced suspension. However, on the road, its behavior is never affected by its high ground clearance. Finally, the Eyesight system can also act on the brakes and motor if it detects a risk of collision.


To acquire more knowledge about this car, you might want to phone Glassman Subaru, a Southfield Subaru dealership serving Southfield Detroit Troy Ferndale. They are in Southfield Michigan, and they are always prepared to help.

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