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The new layout of the 2018 Subaru Forester helps this car to lower its center of gravity, and thus it optimizes your driving behavior. Talented on the road, where its low center of gravity and four-wheel drive gives it a sedan-like behavior, it also surpasses its rivals once it leaves the asphalt. Moreover, it has an excellent ability to stay responsive.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Forester's OVERVIEW

Exterior - Subaru Forester Dealership Test Drives

Remember, the history of the Forester goes back to 1997 when SUVs were much less present on our roads than they are today. Also, Subaru is not aesthetically like everyone else, and this SUV appears with an entirely new silhouette but still cultivating its stylish new look, halfway between an SUV and a 4x4. The visibility is excellent, and the driver's raised position allows any situation to be dominated.

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Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Forester's Exterior

Interior - Schedule Your 2018 Subaru Forester Test Drive

Consumers are increasingly demanding, and this car meets their needs. Capable of carrying four golf bags, it also holds an ATV with the bench folded down, without dismantling the wheel. However, the apparent preciseness of its behavior is also partly due to the precision of the steering. In short, this car is indeed impressive, and it delivers all the performance you need.

However, this new SUV has also gained a little volume by widening its chassis and taking advantage of a longer wheelbase. The presentation is neat, and there are no apparent flaws. Still, on the subject of the seats, the fabric used seems rather sturdy. Also, the applications are exciting, and the navigation system reacts rather quickly.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Forester's Interior

Well, I'll stop quibbling and talk more about the decisive points. When it comes to the comfort, this car deserves to be mentioned for its impressive suspension, and the soundproofing is so well implemented that it can prevent all the wind and rolling noises. Therefore, the enjoyment of this excellent car is a feeling shared by the passengers, who also benefit from the increased length and wheelbase, which translates into an extraordinary amount of space for five people.

Southfield Michigan - 2018 Subaru Forester's Mechanical

Mechanical / Powertrain - Forester Information

Rather than give in to the sirens of fashion and political correctness, the Japanese SUV cultivates its difference with its boxer engines and its all-wheel drive, the only one offered. Storage compartments are everywhere in the cabin. Also, the glove compartment and the central armrest enjoy a considerable volume. This SUV also provides a CD radio with four speakers, cruise control, automatic climate control, roof rails, and heated front seats. It is also distinguished by its large glass area, in contrast to the German school that currently prevails in design, for the more significant benefit of clarity on board. When we open the doors, we come across a relatively well-made interior.

In any case, the aluminum hood is lightweight and absorbs impacts to prevent any damage from impacting more rigid engine compartment components. Without a doubt, this is a spacious SUV that will swallow up family and luggage without any issues. Of course, passengers benefit (especially in the rear) as does the trunk, which now holds more luggage. This car is very stylish, and it will most certainly impress you with its off-road skills that are far above those of its rivals.

Braking has a sound bite, and it does not lack consistency even on hard braking. Also, the motor makes the most of the CVT transmission. In front of me, the dashboard shines by the quality of its style, and also by the variety of its materials. It's more of a perfect tool than a fun gadget, and, even in the worst weather conditions, it's the kind of machine you can count on.

The automatic gearbox is also designed to save as much fuel as possible and thus has a ratio range one and a half times greater than that of a manual gearbox. New aluminum rims with a larger diameter, new bodywork, and longitudinal roof bars are also part of the package. Off the asphalt, this car defends itself very well with its high ground clearance.

Safety - Request a Personalized Subaru Test Drive

You will appreciate the wiper defroster, the eight airbags, the light and rain sensors, the electric tailgate, the hill-start assistance, the remote radio controls on the steering wheel, and the camera parking assistance system. You should also understand that you are climbing aboard a top of the line automobile and that the driving position is more dominant than you will find with its rivals. Also, this Subaru offers excellent grip in all situations thanks to the best torque distributed between the front and rear wheels with a refined calculation method.

Not to mention the addition of new driving aids, such as stability control adapted to towing or automatic braking capable of acting when reversing if another vehicle is approaching. On the road, the Forester is imperturbable, and its more consistent steering brings a better level of precision than its rivals.


If you wish to learn more than what I articulated earlier, you really should phone up Glassman Subaru, a Southfield Subaru dealership serving Southfield Detroit Troy Ferndale. They will help you to find out more about this breathtaking automobile.

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