Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI

Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI

Subaru is a pioneer in the fields of safety, technology, performance, and innovation. If you haven't yet had the opportunitiy to own a car by this world-renowned brand, now is your chance. Or, maybe you have an older Outback, and you've decided "now is the time to find a new Subaru near me." Either way, you are in luck with Glassman Subaru, which you'll soon be saying is "the best Subaru dealership near me Detroit." At Glassman, you'll have the privilege of getting information and advice on all things Subaru from a knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff whose priority is customer satisfaction and making sure you're happy. With a large, ever-changing and exciting inventory of new models to choose from, you will surely find the car of your dreams. And if your Subaru dealership doesn't have it on the lot here and now, just let the staff know what you're looking for, and they'll tell you when it arrives.

Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI - 2019 Subaru Ascent

New Car Sales

If you think that all new Subaru vehicles sound appealing, we agree! But still, you may be asking yourself, "which is the best Subaru near me Detroit Michigan?" In a cold northern climate like Michigan's, you'll appreciate having the all-wheel drive system that all of the brand's new models offer. But you might also prefer a car with a higher ground clearance, such as the Outback. With nearly nine inches of ground clearance, the latest Outback is a prime choice for tackling snowy roads and even going on dirt paths. If sporty is more your style, you may find the all-new WRX appealing. The WRX now gets faster and more agile than ever, thanks to a design change that improves its handling and performance capabilities. If you think these vehicles sound appealing, and you're wondering "where near me Detroit Michigan can I find them?", Glassman should be your first stop.

Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI - 2019 Subaru Impreza


Whether you've found yourself drawn to the Outback, the Impreza, the WRX, or any other Subaru model, taking it for a test drive and deciding on the amenities you want is just the start. Once you've customized your ride, you'll have to pay for it. Fortunately, there are several options available if you want to make affordable monthly payments. One is leasing the car, and the other is paying through an auto loan. With a vehicle lease, you make payments on the car, but you don't actually pay for it. How? A lease near me covers the cost of depreciation during the time that you finance the car. It also covers related fees, such as interest and other lender fees. With a lease, you make an initial upfront payment, then follow a monthly payment schedule after that. A lease is a great way to drive a brand-new car for a set time without making a commitment to buy it.

Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI - 2019 Subaru Outback

A loan has a similar structure in that you make monthly payments. But when you take out a loan for a car at a Subaru dealership near me Detroit, you ultimately end up owning the car. After the lease ends, which is usually seven to eight years, you become the full owner of the car. At that point, you can continue driving your Subaru or sell it and upgrade to a new one.

Either financing arrangement can be ideal. It ultimately depends on whether you want to own your own car or just pay for the right to drive one for a shorter period of time. If you're not sure, you may be thinking "where can I find a Subaru dealership near me Detroit for help?" With a savvy staff who's accustomed to handling all aspects of auto financing, the friendly and helpful staff at Glassman Subaru can certainly help you out.

Subaru dealership near me Detroit MI - 2019 Subaru Impreza

Automotive Repair

Occasionally, your Subaru will need to have parts repaired and replaced. Whether components wear out from old age, regular use, or get broken in an accident, we can fix them. Count on Glassman's professionally trained, expert mechanics to provide assistance for all your car repair needs, regardless of whether you have a minor component that needs to be replaced or you need more extensive repairs. And in addition to repairing your vehicle as needed, our competent mechanics can also take care of your car's routine maintenance needs such as an oil change, tire rotation, and alignment. No matter what your car needs are, bring it to us for comprehensive, caring service!

There's a lot that goes in to buying a new car, and the decision involves more than just picking out your favorite model. When you need a new Subaru, you want to make sure you're going to the best dealership possible to get it. If you are in the Detroit area, we encourage you to visit the friendly and helpful staff at Glassman, who are eager to help you drive away in the Subaru of your dreams. From explaining the difference among models to going over vehicle financing, you'll always be in good hands at our Subaru dealership.

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