Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI

Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI

When you decide it's time to get a new car, you have many options to choose from. If you like the sounds of a vehicle with award-winning all-wheel drive, industry-leading safety features, and plenty of new technology, a Subaru is your best bet. "Where can I find a Subaru near me Ferndale Michigan," you wonder? One place is Glassman Subaru. Glassman features a large inventory of quality Subarus to choose from. With options like the all-new Outback, which is one of the brand's best-selling vehicles, to the versatile Crosstrek and the sporty Impreza, there are many fine options this year. If you have a certain model in mind that you want to try, just call the friendly, helpful staff at Glassman to arrange a test drive. If you're not sure which Subaru is best for your needs, the staff can help you make that decision, too. And no matter what your car care needs are, rest assured that with a state-of-the-art service department, Glassman can take care of your vehicle's service needs long after you leave the dealership.

Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI - 2019 Subaru Ascent

New Car Sales

When it comes to Subaru, there are many excellent options for the latest model year. If you want a sturdy, rugged crossover, the Outback is a great choice. Now, the Outback has a higher ground clearance - at just under nine inches - than ever before. This makes it even easier to tackle your off-road adventures. If fuel economy and efficiency are a priority, you might want to consider the Crosstrek hybrid. If you're looking for a comfortable sedan to take to and from work, run errands, and handle the occasional weekend road trim, you can't go wrong with the stylish and safe Legacy. And if a sporty, race-ready car is what you're envisioning, either the WRX or the BRZ is a good choice.

Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI - 2019 Subaru Impreza

When you decide "it's time to visit a Subaru dealer near me Ferndale" to try out one of these fine options, you'll probably be wondering what the advantage is of getting a new car. When you buy a new car, you have infinite options available for a custom finish. From the exterior paint color to exterior amenities and your choice of interior materials like cloth and leather seats, a new car near me is a good way to get a vehicle made just the way you want it. When you buy a new car, you're also getting the latest in new technology and safety features. This means that when you decide to sell your car down the road, it will be more appealing to car shoppers. And you'll be able to ask a higher resale price for your car, too.

Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI - 2019 Subaru Outback

Financing Your Vehicle

No matter which Subaru near me Ferndale Michigan you end up buying, you will need to find a way to pay for it. There are several options available for auto financing, which the staff at Glassman Subaru will be happy to tell you about. If you're thinking it would be nice to drive a car for a defined period of time, but you're not sure you want to fully own it five years down the road, then you might prefer a lease. A lease gives you lower monthly car payments than a loan. You pay for the cost of depreciation, interest, and any lender fees, but you never actually own the vehicle. With a car loan, on the other hand, you make an up front payment, followed by a series of monthly payments, until you pay off the cost of your Subaru. Once that happens, the car is fully yours. A loan has higher monthly payments, and it takes longer to pay off.

Subaru dealer near me Ferndale MI - 2019 Subaru WRX

Auto Service and Repair

Inevitably, your car will need to have maintenance and repairs at some point. When that time comes, you'll wonder "is there a Subaru dealer near me Ferndale that can handle my car's service needs?" If there's one in the area that can, it's Glassman. With a premier, professional service department and highly trained mechanics available to work on your vehicle, the service team at this Subaru dealership is ready to get your vehicle back in top shape. You're welcome to come in for routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and alignments whenever your car needs them. Since we only use the highest quality parts possible, we encourage you to bring your car in whenever it needs a new component installed.

From buying a new car to deciding on a financing arrangement and getting your service and maintenance needs taken care of, let Glassman Subaru be your go-to Subaru dealership for all things automotive near me. Feel free to call or visit the dealership's website to explore the inventory if you're thinking of getting a new Subaru. If you find a car you want to test drive, the staff will gladly arrange a test drive. If you have questions or need service assistance, we're here to help with that too!

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