Subaru dealer by Commerce Charter Township MI

Subaru Dealer By Commerce Charter Township MI

Glassman Subaru New Vehicle Dealership

For comprehensive auto sales and services, you're going to love Glassman. This is a place where lifelong relationships are born. We are proud to always be serving Commerce Charter Township Michigan with a superior blend of sales knowledge, financing, and after sales care. We're not just here to sell you a Subaru. We're here to make sure that we exceed all expectations and win your business for life.

We're a Subaru dealer by Commerce Charter Township MI selling new and used cars, as well as expert auto repair in our dealership. If you haven't heard of us, you've been missing out on the premier dealership serving Commerce Charter Township Michigan for the past several decades. Our team has a new or used cars to fit every budget and taste. You'll find all the newest models of Subaru here!

Subaru Specials & Quotes

Buying a car on a budget? No problem! We run our business efficiently so that you always get the savings you expect from your specials. It's all about making sure that we spend our money wisely, stock the latest inventory, and leave things to a good management team. Our team is proud to offer great savings and specials on all the latest models of this car.

If you haven't looked at our specials, then maybe it's time you did so. Once you see the amazing offers that we have in store for you, you'll wish you had stopped by sooner*.

Finance and Auto Loans

If you can't afford to buy a car outright, join the club. Almost any client is going to need a little help. It's our pleasure to offer you premier financing options (leasing, auto loans, down payment loans, etc) that will match your budget. This is available on all inventory. No matter what your situation is, please give us a chance to put you behind the wheel of the automobile of your dreams. We are proudly serving Commerce Charter Township Michigan with today's most advanced financing options for used cars as well as the latest models in our family of cars.

Our financial specialists will sit down with you and take a realistic look at your budget and credit standing so that you get a realistic financing option that won't break your piggy bank but will put you in the highest quality car possible. That's going to be easy to do thanks to our extensive inventory of cars to fit all different kinds of budgets. We're always going to be flexible with our customers and have a long history of helping people afford the cars that they dream of owning. It's our job to do this for you.

Subaru dealer by Commerce Charter Township MI

Glassman Subaru Auto Repair & Service

We're a Subaru dealer by Commerce Charter Township MI that doesn't just sell you a car but offers a full menu of repair services that you can schedule any time you need us. Caring for customers AFTER they buy a car is one of the points of pride of our entire team. Why? Because we want you to buy your next car with us as well. This means that for the lifespan of your car, we're going to offer professional repair services that will ensure your car is on the road for as long as humanly possible. We offer oil changes, brake repair and maintenance, transmission services, and all other forms of repair work that will keep the car you buy from us running in tip top shape every season of the year. We're always going to be here to make sure that your car, SUV, or truck is running at the top of its performance.

Auto repair doesn't have to be a hassle when you come to us. We take care of the cars that we sell to our customers, just like they were the cars in our own family. We believe in the quality of our cars and go to great lengths to make sure that they're maintenanced regularly and always perform at the top of their game.

Request Glassman Subaru Services

We give our customers a lot of reasons to come to us for their cars and trucks. And we give them plenty of reasons to keep coming back to us time and again over the years. With our expert salesmen and auto technicians, we're a full service Subaru dealer by Commerce Charter Township MI that cares about not just selling you a car but making sure that the car runs at peak performance during its time with our customers. We want that car to be the best car you've ever had and this can only happen if you have full-service repair technicians at your disposal as well.

If you want a car buying experience like no other, contact us today via phone or online form or email. We'll be happy to answer all of your questions about our sales, services, and financing options. Remember that you won't just get a fair price on a car but a price that exceeds all of your expectations. This means combining great financing options with the most efficient services on the planet. We don't waste time and we don't waste resources, and this allows us to extend terrific savings for you during every facet of the buying process. Don't forget to call us or write to us the next time you're ready to buy your next car. We're here to please.

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