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Maintenance Schedule In general, Subaru recommends a good list of scheduled maintenance, outlined in your 2014 Subaru Impreza owner's manual, at regular intervals. This is especially important early in the life of your 2014 Subaru Impreza. Obviously, oil changes, tire rotations, various inspections and checking fluid levels should be done frequently but some maintenance is recommended at certain mileage markers. All of this is part of the "breaking in" period for your new 2014 Subaru Impreza. At recommended intervals, you should take your 2014 Impreza into the dealership for certain diagnostic scans to check for system updates. The front and rear suspension, as well as other physical parts of the vehicle, should be checked at these regular intervals. Naturally, the various fluids, including transmission, steering and brake, should be checked and changes during these intervals. All of this maintenance will help to extend the life of your 2014 Impreza in Southfield.

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Tire and Wheel Size Tire and wheel size on your 2014 Subaru Impreza will depend on which trim level model you selected, of which there are five: the 2.0i, 2.0i Premium, 2.0i Limited, 2.0i Sport Premium and 2.0i Sport Limited. The 2.0i trim level models of the 2014 Subaru Impreza come standard with 15 x 6.0-inch steel wheels with wheel covers swathed in 195/65 R15 89H all-season tires. The 2.0i Premium trim level model of the 2014 Subaru Impreza comes standard with 16 x 6.5-inch 10-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels swathed in 205/55 R16 89V all-season tires; or with optional 17 x 7.0-inch 15-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels swathed in 205/50 R17 88V all-season tires. The 2.0i Sport Premium, 2.0i Sport Limited trim level models of the 2014 Impreza comes standard with Oil 17 x 7.0-inch 5-hole aluminum-alloy wheels with Gray finish swathed in 205/50 R17 88V all-season tires. Detroit , MI

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Oil Type and Capacity Subaru recommends Castrol motor oil and Castrol motor oil products for regular oil changes in your 2014 Subaru Impreza. A leader in the automotive lubricants industry, Castrol motor oils meet the highest international standards. Castrol products include SYNTEC Blend. Regular changing of your 2014 Subaru Impreza's oil change helps maintain maximum horsepower by reducing harmful deposit formation. This oil's an advanced additive package that neutralizes corrosive particles while providing stability and endurance under extreme conditions, such as heat, load, and speed. Castrol's SYNTEC 5W-30 is especially noted for exceeding Subaru manufacturer's warranty requirements for the protection of gasoline and turbocharged engines. Detroit metro Subaru service and repair.

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Chassis and Powertrain
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With fuel efficient "boxer" engines and the great CVT automatic transmission, the 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door's entire powertrain works hand in glove to deliver all of the vehicle's drive, ride and performance. In fact, it has been noted that the 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door's "notable edge" is its distinctive powertrain. Its all-wheel-drive and solid construction gives the 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door traction when it most needs it. With its well-engineered chassis, the power of its engine and its proven acceleration, the 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium 5-door.  Great for Detroit Southfield area drivers.

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Model information above is for the 2014 model year. Please contact us if your model year isn't present and we will provide you the information you're looking for directly. Thanks again from all of us at Glassman Subaru.