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Vehicle Overview

The 2020 Subaru Legacy remains one of the best values in the mid-sedan market. It's substantially cheaper than the Altima, all with similar features and in some cases even more upscale and better suited to everyday driving than the 2020 Altima. So the question becomes, "Why pay a ton more for a vehicle that's not even as good as the Legacy?" We all know the reputation of Subaru vehicles as being significantly more reliable and "on the road" longer than their other counterparts. When you figure in that the Legacy is going to be on the road far longer than the Altima (in most cases), you understand just why Glassman Subaru is going to strongly recommend opting for the Legacy over the Altima this year. Here are a few other good reasons why you need to ditch the Optima and grab the 2020 Subaru Legacy.

Detroit MI - 2020 Subaru Legacy's Overview

Performance - 2020 Subaru Legacy

While the 2020 Nissan Altima gets more power with its base model than the 2020 Legacy, it falls short in the overall performance category for one simple reason: its most powerful engine doesn't get what the 2020 Subaru Legacy Touring XT is capable of: 260 horsepower. The Altima falls short by a significant margin: 236 horsepower to 260 horsepower for the Legacy. The Legacy also gets more torgue than the Altima: 267 lbs-ft for the Altima to 277 lbs-ft of torque for the Legacy. If you want more overall performance from your sedan and demand the strongest horsepower, you're going to achieve the most with the 2020 Legacy, not the Altima.

Detroit MI - 2020 Subaru Legacy's Exterior

Interior - 2020 Subaru Legacy near Detroit MI

The Legacy has a spacious interior that maximizes passenger space without detracting from the open cargo capacity. Clever storage solutions and ample space in your door panels opens up a lot more room to move around and enjoy life in the Legacy a lot more than the more cramped 2020 Nissan Altima. The Altima has less than 100 cubic feet of passenger volume, something that we really don't like to see in a midsize sedan. With the additional space, most automakers are able to capitalize on the mid-size market and make plenty of room for cargo and passengers, but the Altima is really weak in this area. The Legacy, however, brings in 105.5 cubic feet of passenger space while still leaving you room to take your gear with you when you go.

Detroit MI - 2020 Subaru Legacy's Interior

Interior - Subaru Legacy specs near Detroit

The advantages of more passenger space are obvious, but it's not the only thing the interior of the Legacy has to offer. In our 2020 Subaru Legacy vs 2020 Nissan Altima comparison, we'd love to point out a few more interior perks, but we'll stick with just one. The Legacy's Premium Nappa leather options on higher trims leave you with a genuinely smooth, elegant luxury sedan feel that doesn't cost you luxury sedan prices. For the features and technology you get on higher trims, the Legacy is one of the most luxurious vehicles of its kind, and it's serving Detroit Southfield Warren Dearborn drivers with its finest edition yet in 2020.

Detroit MI - 2020 Subaru Legacy's Mechanical
Safety - 2020 Subaru Legacy dealer

Subaru's EyeSight technology utilizes a system of sensors all around the vehicle that give it virtual "eyesight" and enable the Legacy to adjust some driving mechanics based on what the car is "seeing." Our question is, can the Altima you're driving actually see anything? Well, no. It might have some nice safety features equipped and serve the same purpose in some ways as EyeSight, but nothing is as impressive as Subaru's Eyesight technology.

EyeSight remains one of the most lauded achievements in the field of advanced safety on modern automobiles. Subaru's collection of exterior sensors serve as a sort of "eyesight" for your Legacy, featuring automatic emergency braking in situations where a collision is imminent. It's comforting to know that your Legacy doesn't just "sense" impending disasters. It can also prevent them entirely, and the EyeSight technology has been very much proven to reduce collisions in some instances. While there's not enough time in the world to tell you about all the assurance and confidence EyeSight technology brings to your Legacy, we can confirm that it's going to be far and away better than the Altima's safety lineup. Please go with the winner on safety this year and ask us more about the Legacy!

The Winner: 2020 Legacy

The Legacy has already lived up to its name in more ways than one over the years. It continues to get better and better with each season while other similar vehicles stagnate. This year's Legacy doesn't just hold its own against the also improved Altima. It dominates the Altima in every area that most drivers are truly concerned about. And while the Altima offers a little bit stronger base powertrain, it still doesn't have as much power to offer as the Legacy. Throw in a massive safety technology that's one of the best in the industry, and you have your clear winner in this matchup: the Legacy.

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As the Subaru Legacy continues to face and defeat other vehicles in the fiercely competitive mid-size sedan market, we're going to be over here cheering it along. We're proud to offer it as part of our vehicle lineup this year. If you have any questions about the many things we've discussed in this comparison, please just get in touch with our helpful sales team. They are experts on the Legacy's long list of strengths. You deserve a car just like the Legacy this year: elegant, powerful, and above all safe. Contact Glassman Subaru today to learn more. We look forward to serving Detroit Southfield Warren Dearborn areas with great deals on the Legacy this year.

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