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Vehicle Changes

Gentle and energy efficient, the 2018 Subaru Outback also shows excellent reactivity to what the road offers. The suspension has also been revised and now provides more driving comfort without sacrificing dynamics. Under the hood of this new 2018 Subaru Outback, we also find very different mechanics when compared to the earlier models. Therefore, read this article to discover my first impressions of this new Subaru Outback.

Let us take a glimpse into the past to understand the Outback and this manufacturer. The first automobile to bear the Outback name appeared in 1995, founding the crossover segment four years before Audi (with the A6 Allroad) and two years before Volvo (with the V70XC). On the other hand, to be the first is not necessarily synonymous with success.

Fortunately, this Outback is not only a car with a great history, but it is also a high-quality automobile. The favorable torque of the Outback also forces another calibration of the CVT which reacts well, keeping the engine in higher revs; and as the sound of the engine proves attractive, the results work in its favor. The brand also took advantage of this facelift to revise the Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission (standard). The final gear ratio has also been lengthened so that consumption decreases at a constant speed.

Detroit MI - 2018 Subaru Outback's OVERVIEW

The standard all-wheel drive gives it 4-star traction whatever the weather. Engineers also announce that the car is now available with a "Smart Rear View Mirror." This new design is an interior mirror that projects images from the rear camera of the vehicle, so you can maintain an optimal rearview when the trunk is cluttered up to the roof.

If Subaru remains a smaller manufacturer, it has so far produced a great new car, and can, therefore, claim specific expertise in this segment. This automobile also announces this its power through the large air intake on the hood, which is there for functional reasons. Your next adventure will be within reach with this fantastic automobile.

The space on board is also generous and welcoming, with a robust style and a generous level of ground clearance that calls you to drive towards the open areas of the great outdoors. The design for the new model is somewhat similar inside, all in all very classic, but yet with the evident progress that is visible when it comes to the quality and the finish of the car.

Detroit MI - 2018 Subaru Outback's OVERVIEW

2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Trim Level

The 2.5i is the base trim. On the other hand, even with the base trim, this car is high quality, and the four-wheel drive can be assisted by an X-MODE intervening on the CVT transmission, if necessary. Also, it has an automatic delivery of the coupling and a system that implements a "Hill Descent Control," which will open your access to some of the more wild playgrounds. On the other hand, this little taste of adventure, fortunately, does not hinder the behavior of the Outback on the road.

Often criticized for its finish, the brand has responded and offers on its Outback a more flattering face. It also benefits from a slight update, with less chrome in the grille. The anti-collision braking will, in any case, even limit any damage, and assist the steering in avoiding any obstacles by braking the inner wheels to force the avoidance.

Detroit MI - 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Trim Information

This car has quality leather, beautiful plastics, and brushed aluminum inserts that are well made. The atmospheric essence of the cabin, more potent than with previous models, will therefore likely seduce you. The ergonomics are also perfect, including a navigation system that is optimal.

The Japanese brand recently unveiled its new modular platform and immediately began to develop all kinds of models. With all its new models, the existing range of Subaru risked falling into oblivion. However, the Outback is so impressive that even with more Subaru models to choose from you will still probably want to get the Outback.

Based on two cameras that continuously scan the road to warn the driver of potential dangers, a new system also offers the features of line crossing warning, collision detector or automatic emergency braking. Good soundproofing also reinforces the comfort of the suspensions. There is, therefore, a world of difference between the new Outback and the older models.

Detroit MI - 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Trim Information

2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium Trim Level

This trim level is the next step up for the trim levels for this car. It comes with the Subaru Starlink package, which adds emergency assistance. Also, if you wish to become aware of a great deal more information relating to this terrific automobile, I would like to suggest that you correspond with Glassman Subaru. You can find these individuals near Detroit Michigan. At the same time, they are, as a matter of fact, also dedicated to serving Ferndale Detroit Southfield Troy.

The 2.5i Limited Trim Level

This trim level comes with a premium sound system and leather-trimmed seats.

The 2.5i Touring Trim Level

This level comes with a heated steering wheel and GPS navigation.

The 3.6R Limited Trim Level

This level comes with a more powerful engine.

Detroit MI - 2018 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium Trim Level Information


Should you wish to uncover more in regards to this great car, you need to communicate with Glassman Subaru. You can find them near Detroit Michigan. Simultaneously, they are in fact specialized in serving Ferndale Detroit Southfield Troy. Therefore, you should contact the dealership to learn more about all the trim levels available for this car.

*Article for general informational purposes, for complete trim level details, please contact the dealership.