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Overview of the 2014 Subaru BRZ available to Troy, Ann Arbor and Detroit, MI from Glassman Subaru.
The 2014 Subaru BRZ offers you something that you might not expect to find from the maker who invented the all wheel drive car phenomenon. The BRZ brings you true rear wheel drive sports performance in a small package that handles like a vehicle that packs much more of a punch in the MSRP. The Subaru BRZ is the answer for those who want a fun to drive and capable summertime car that won't necessarily break the bank, and in this respect it is the perfect vehicle.
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The interior of the Subaru BRZ comes equipped with all of the amenities that you would expect from a maker of this prestige. Subaru has always brought you the best when it comes to comfort and style and the BRZ is certainly no exception. Even the base model gives you the kind of interior experience that you would expect from a high end sports machine, but there are a couple of different trim levels in which you can continue to upgrade your interior experience. If leather is your thing then you will certainly want to opt up to the Limited trim level and get a microfiber suede and leather interior which truly refines the interior of the Subaru BRZ. 
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The exterior of the Subaru BRZ is the star of the Subaru lineup when it comes to sports ready styling. Sleek and elegant, the BRZ brings you the kind of lines that are not typical of a Japanese sports car, but look more at home in Italy. The front end slopes dramatically which gives a stark line in contrast to highly flared and raised fenders which are reminiscent of a reptilian look, while the narrow slit headlamps finish off the dangerous look of the front end perfectly. The lower sloping rear end may remind you of some of the more popular German sports cars, and is certainly a styling breakthrough when coupled with the overall look of the BRZ.
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In terms of mechanical prowess, the 2014 BRZ offers you something different from the rest of the Subaru lineup, being a rear wheel drive instead of the typical all wheel drive setup that has brought Subaru so much acclaim over the years. While this may seem like a break from tradition, the engineers at Subaru took great efforts to ensure that their two wheel drive offering brings the kind of handling and performance that you would expect from this race preferred set up. Not only do you get an oversteer machine, but the suspension on the BRZ is tuned so well for it's small frame that your corners feel effortless even at the highest speeds.

The powertrain of the 2014 Subaru BRZ may come as a surprise to many. While the BRZ certainly offers you high speeds and quick acceleration, this is accomplished through smart engineering rather than throwing more displacement at the problem. Yes the BRZ powertrain is only a 2.0 liter, but the horizontal opposition in this four cylinder offers some extra zip. On top of the smart design in the powertrain itself the BRZ is designed to be ultra lightweight, which allows for a smaller engine to get this machine up to speed much quicker than you might think. In fact the BRZ can make it from zero to sixty in under seven seconds. 
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When you are behind the wheel of a performance machine like the 2014 Subaru BRZ the last thing you want to think might have been left out to save money is anything that might affect the safety of your vehicle. High speeds used to be the realm of the professional and the extremely daring alone, but thanks to today's technology this is no longer the case. Even the relatively untrained driver can enjoy the kind of performance that the Subaru BRZ offers thanks to the full battery of active safety features that are designed to keep your Subaru on the road regardless of what you put it through. Add to that the security of the passive features such as the airbags and pre-tensioning seat belts and you have a performance driven yet safe vehicle. 
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